Oxford Colloid Group

We always welcome applications from promising students.

Postdoctoral researchers and prospective DPhil or Part II students who are interested in joining the group should contact either Dirk Aarts or Roel Dullens.

Part II Positions

  • We always welcome applications from promising students. If you are a third-year undergraduate student considering joining the group for your Part II research, then feel free to check out our research pages and contact Dirk or Roel by email to discuss potential projects. You may also wish to check out what the current cohort of Part IIs are up to!

DPhil Positions

  • Details of the admissions procedure at Oxford can be found here.
  • Potential sources of funding can be found here.

Postdoctoral Positions

There are various sources of funding for research fellowships:

Research Internships

  • Many degrees have the opportunity to complete a research internship at another laboratory as an optional or required component of the course. If you are interested in joining our group for this then please contact Dirk or Roel as early as possible to discuss projects and arrangements.