Our group is a joint effort between Dirk Aarts’ and Roel Dullens’ groups, within Oxford’s Physical Chemistry Department.

Group Leaders

Dirk Aarts Dirk Aarts
Professor of Chemistry
Student* of Christ Church
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Roel Dullens Roel Dullens
Associate Professor of Physical Chemistry
Fellow of Lincoln College
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Arran Curran Arran Curran
Optical trapping and colloidal holography
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Kazem Edmond Kazem Edmond
Colloidal synthesis and 3D colloidal grain boundaries
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Marjolein Marjolein van der Linden
Active colloidal particles
Bo Peng Bo Peng
Colloidal synthesis

PhD Students (DPhils)

Joshua Abbott Joshua Abbott
Driven colloids in optical landscapes
Raam Raam Chauhan
Manipulating fat crystal networks
Siyu Chen Siyu Chen
Freezing colloidal suspensions
Louis Cortes Louis Cortes
Microfluidic directed structure of liquid crystal phases in confinement
Paola Ferrari Paola Ferrari
Colloids for food
Francois Lavergne Francois Lavergne
Grain boundaries in 2D colloidal crystals
Yanyan Liu Yanyan Liu
Colloidal synthesis
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Michael Mordan Michael Mordan
Colloidal gels
Hazaifah Razak Huzaifah Razak
Wetting in colloid-polymer mixtures
Colin Reynolds Colin Reynolds
Field-induced colloidal self-assembly
Adam Stones Adam E. Stones
Statistical mechanics of 2D colloidal systems

Part IIs

Lachlan Alexander
Active matter.
Nicholas Orr
Colloidal crystals.
Jack Holland
Field-induced self-assembly.
Joseph Hutchinson

Alice Russell

Pei "Jenny" Kuo

Former Group Members


  • Yongxiang Gao, 2013-2015. LinkedIn profile. Yongxiang's research focused on the physics of active colloidal particles and their synthesis.
  • Lia Verhoeff, 2012-2015. LinkedIn profile. Lia's research focused on emulsions and interfaces.

DPhils (PhD students)

  • Kira Klop, 2013-2016. Kira studied colloidal liquid crystals of the fd-virus that are confined in microchannels under flow.
  • Julia Schollick, 2011-2015. LinkedIn Profile. In collaboration with Unilever, Julia researched freezing suspensions of colloidal particles.
  • Alice Thorneywork, 2011-2016. LinkedIn Profile. Alice researched quasi-2D colloidal hard-sphere particles as an accurate model of liquid state theory. She is now a postdoc with Ulrich Keyser at Cambridge University.
  • Paola Ferrari, 2010-2016.

Part IIs (Masters students)

Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford